Jan Paterek

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Extract Author: Annette Walczynska
Page Number: 2007 07 03

Researching my husbands family background

I have been researching my husbands family background and on his mothers side (nee Paterek ) found that his Grandfather Jan Paterek spent some time in Tanzania with 3 of his daughters following their release from a Russian labour camp in 1941.

They were Polish nationals living in the Brest area of Poland when deported to Siberia? By the invading Russian army in 1940. We have found out quite a bit about their life in the logging camp in Siberia but what we don�t know is how these members of the family ended up in Tanzania whilst my husbands mother and her brother were in South Africa for some time and I believe enlisted in the Polish Army there.

Eventually the family reunited in the UK and all settled and married here but much of their 'journey' remains untold and Im trying to fill the gaps. If anyone has any information that may fill those gaps I would be most grateful.

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