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Extract Author: Marek Konas
Page Number: 2007 10 12

Dr. Sanasardo

Great to see this site - I was born in Arusha in 1963 where my father - Vic Konas was a land surveyor from the early 50's until we left in 1970. I have often heard my mother - Henia and father tell stories about Dr. Sanasardo. I haven't been back, but intend to go in the next few years to see Arusha and Moshi (where we lived from about 1966). My dad passed away in 1998.

I am in contact with Jarat Chopra, son of Arjan Chopra (doctor) who used to have a coffee farm on Lake Duluti.

I was going through photographs, and actually found one of Jarat's 2nd birthday with Sarah Macaulay in it (now Mrs Gordon Brown!!).

Does anybody out there remember my father? As I am trying to compile a book that I can give to my son.

(PS for Chris Stylianou: are you the same Chris that lived with Istvan and bear in Port Elizabeth in the 80's - if so - how are you?)

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