Mary Ann Rohen Rose

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Extract Author: Geraldine Pallas
Page Number: 2007 12 08

Iringa grocery store

I am trying to find some information about my Aunt. When she first went to East Africa she was married to Peter Rose who was in the RAF later he was in the Ministry of Education.

She was know an Nan Rose. Full name Mary Ann Rohen Rose. There were two children, Susan Rose and Michael Rose. They divorced and she might have married someone by the name of Thompson.

Peter married one of the Polish Refugees named Kazimiera Bieniak in 1952. They had five children.

We have a reference that Nan was in the Iringa grocery store when it was run by a Greek couple prior to 1961 with the person we think was her second husband. Any informati0on would be gratefully appreciated.

Gerry Sue Pallas

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