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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 02-03
Extract Date: 1955

Preface and School Sports Day


As far as our records show, there has never been an Arusha School Magazine published before. The publication of the first number is therefore an important event in the School's history and I hope it will start a tradition.

The main essential of a School Magazine is that it should be the product of the School's pupils. Primary and Preparatory Schools rarely issue magazines, so I am very pleased that the effort has been made at Arusha. I hope that future issues will contain news of old pupils, if they will kindly let us know what they are doing.

In particular I should like to record our thanks to Miss J. M. Elliott who has done most of the hard work of organisation.

C. E. Hamshere Headmaster

School Sports

Our School Sports were held on Saturday, October 23rd on the senior playing field.

The Sports started at two o'clock and it was very pleasant to see the School Houses, North and South, coming out of the buildings looking very smart. The Hellenic and Dutch Schools also came to compete.

The first events were the high and long jumps and the flat races. The long jump for the seniors was the first one to be read out and it sent a cold shiver down my back as I was a competitor.

After tea there were the relays, and we were very lucky, as His Excellency the Governor and Lady Twining came to see the various later events, such as the Tug of War, and the Mothers and Fathers race and the relays. We all found these last few events very enjoyable. The Tug of War was won by South House of Arusha School.

The best part of the whole afternoon was the presentation of the shield and cups. The shield was won by North and South with 78 points each. The athletics cup was won by South House, and the relay cup by the Hellenic School.

We all enjoyed the afternoon very much, especially as we were highly honoured by His Excellency's presence.



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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 16-17
Extract Date: 1955

African Scene ~ Scouting 1954 ~ The Jungle

Scouting 1954

The Troop this year has been much smaller than in previous years. There have only been two patrols. By the middle of the second term all the new members had passed their Tenderfoot Badge and so the whole troop were able to go to camp at Lake Duluth We camped down below Mr. Fosbrooke's house at the edge of the lake. Everyone enjoyed the week-end, especially the swimming and boating, and, I hope, learnt that Camping in not all play, but that there is work to be done and that the chores of the camp are best done if each scout does his bit quickly and cheerfully.

During the year most of the usual activities have taken place. Most of us have crossed the swimming pool on a rope bridge (one or two have fallen in). We used a scout transporter to cross the Temi. We have played the usual wide games and devised a new one "Mau Mau and Police" and we have had a day out at West Meru.

In Arusha's Scout Week the troop did its share and at theRally demonstrated the pitching of a bell tent.

The Cubs have had a good year. There have been about forty of them who each Wednesday have tried to awaken Arusha with their yells. The majority have nearly passed their First Star, but what an obstacle the skipping part is! We had several Treasure Hunts, but following a track still remains the favourite activity.


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