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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 01
Extract Date: 1956

Preface ~ Speech Day


I have great pleasure in introducing the second number of the Arusha School Magazine. Once again we owe a great debt to Miss J. M. Elliott, who has acted as Editor.

The first number of the Magazine was very well received. Perhaps this number is not so fully representative of the upper forms of the School, so I hope children in Standards IV and III this year will make every effort to send in contributions for the third publication at the end of 1956.

C. E. Hamshere,

Speech Day was held on December 15. As usual it started at 4 p.m. with the House P.T. Competition, which South House won. This was followed by demonstrations of Cub activities and box horse work by a mixed group of senior children. Visitors were given the now famous School Tea at 4.30 p.m. and then everyone adjourned to the Assembly Hall for speeches and Prize Giving.

In the absence of Bishop Stanway, our Warden, Mr. A. T. Bewes, O.B.E. took the chair. By drawing comparisons with his own school days�shared for a time with Mr. J. V. Shaw, the Deputy Provincial Commissioner who was on the platform�Mr. Bewes considered that children attending Arusha School were very lucky. He referred to the Chain of Office of the Chairman of the Arusha Town Council and explained that he was wearing it because Miss Elliott of the School had been responsible for the design of its seal. He congratulated the School on attaining its 21st Birthday and reminded the children of the well-founded Christian traditions of Arusha School, which he hoped they would observe throughout their lives

In his report the Headmaster referred to the School's Twenty-first Birthday. He reminded the assembly of the farm school opened at Ngare Nairobi in 1928, and the transfer of 33 children and 4 members of the Staff to the new buildings at Arusha in May, 1934. As a contrast there were now 274 pupils and 28 members of Staff.

During the year the Headmaster said there had been a bad epidemic of chickenpox in the 2nd Term, when there had been no less than 80 cases. Good steady work had been done in the classroom. The K.P.E. results had been respectable if not spectacular with all 5 boys passing and 8 out of the 11 girls.

The Headmaster then referred to out-of-school activities. In the 1st Term there had been a successful school play called " The Charcoal Burner's Son," and a visit to Ngorongoro Crater. In the 3rd Term a party of 25 boys had been taken to Nairobi to see the Rugby match between the British Lions and an East African XV. 11 out of 12 boys and girls had successfully " conquered Meru," in the most successful expedition ever. A School Fete had brought in �128 towards the Tennis Court Fund. The Tennis Courts were half finished, and in the stables there were 3 horses on which children were learning to ride.

The Headmaster drew attention to the value of out-of-school activities and interests. He said, " Children who at school have learnt to play the piano or violin, to sing, to act, to dance, to draw and paint, to ride a horse, to swim or play a game, will never wonder what to do with themselves out of working hours when they grow up. What is more, they will have developed a valuable sense of responsibility in looking after their instruments, materials and tools, in keeping appointments and in co-operating with other people. They will be possessors of healthy bodies and healthy minds. In short they will have become the worthy citizens that every country relies upon for its prosperity."

The Headmaster acknowledged his thanks to all members of the Staff. In spite of 4 marriages within the year and one pending they had rendered first-class service. He took the opportunity of congratulating Mr. Bewes on the award of the O.B.E.

The Headmaster's Report was followed by the singing of two Carols by the Junior Choir. Mr. Hocking then spoke briefly on behalf of the Parents Association. Two Carols were rendered by the Senior Choir, after which Mrs. M. J. B. Molohan, wife of the Provincial Commissioner, presented the Prizes.

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