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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 08-09
Extract Date: 1956

Swimming ~ Cinema ~ The Deserted Garden ~ Longing


During the year the following Tanganyika Schools' Swimming Certificates have been gained.

Second Class : Anna de Beer, Nelia de Beer, Rodney Holland, David Phibbs, Peter Rhodes-Jones, Klaus Gaetje, Raymond Timms, Barry Childs, Bobby van Rooyen, Teresa Rarogiewicz, Hedda Gaetje, Richard Jacobs, Robin Ulyate, Rodney Williams, John Boswell, John Coutouvidis, Robin Gemmel!, Tony Marchant, Edda von Wedel, Ann Boswell, Michael Webster, Brian Merson, Robert Gelding, Melville Ueckermann, Peter Davies.

First Class : Helen Landcastle, Jean More, Gilda Troup, Tony Coxall, Mary Wechsler, Stephan Wechsler.

Senior Class : Lise Larsen, Michael Aylward.

A Visit to the Cinema

On Wednesday, June 1, the two top classes of the school went to see the film " Romeo and Juliet."

The parts were chosen very well, except that I should have liked to see Lawrence Olivier play the part of Romeo, instead of Lawrence Harvey, although he acted very well. The part of Juliet was aoted perfectly by Susan Shentall and Flora Robson played the part of her affectionate nurse.

Some of the scenes were tragic and some were quite amusing or peaceful. One of the scenes I enjoyed most was when Friar Lawrence was picking flowers in the early morning. I thought it was rather frightening when Juliet was alone in her bedroom trying to make up her mind to drink the drug, and I was positively terrified when Romeo was down in the vault. The balcony scene was a little long, and, not knowing the story properly, I thought Romeo was going to be captured.

The last scene when Romeo was in the vault with the sleeping Juliet, was frightening, especially when you could see Tybalt lying there with blood on his clothes; and I was hoping that Friar Lawrence would come down into the vault in time to rescue them.

Although some of the words were blurred, the film was very good and I should like to see it again to understand it better.

Vanessa Hocking Aged 10 years

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Page Number: 10-11
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