Melville Ueckermann

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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 10-11
Extract Date: 1957

Hockey ~ The Baraza ~ Caught by the Tide


Hockey is played in the first term of every school year and we have matches every Friday against the Gymkhana Club. On Monday 26th March the girls team from South House played against North House in order to compete for the Hockey Cup. North won with five goals to four. On the 27th March the boys played their match, North winning this also. On Wednesday there was a mixed match with boys and girls from each House opposing each other. Some outstanding players in these games were, Edda von Wedel, Valerie Ulyate, Susan Phibbs, George Afentakis, Margrit von Lekow and Heather Lamont. Edda who is in North House shot all the goals for North with the aid of Susan Phibbs and Susan Meyer.

As North won both the girls and the boys matches they win the Hockey Cup for this year.

EIRA Jones 12 years

The Baraza

My first impression of the Baraza was of crowds and crowds of people. There were Europeans, Asians and many African tribes gathered there to see Princess Margaret all looking very gay and colourful in their tribal costumes. It was a lovely morning and the mountain rose high above the scene. There were many newspaper reporters and photographers all eager to obtain reports or photos of the Princess and they crowded round the Royal Dais. We were very lucky because we were sitting right in front of the Dais. Her Royal Highness wore a blue dress and a white hat. She arrived in a Humber Snipe. When she was on the Dais a chief, named Amri Dodo, made a speech. After that she made her speech, in which she mentioned how pleased she was to see so many children. Then the presentations were made, after which a Land Rover came along and the Princess drove round the arena through the cheering crowds. She stood up so that everyone could see her. She then went back to the Governor's Lodge.

Melville Ueckermann 12 years

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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 18-19
Extract Date: 1957

Carols by Candlelight ~ Under Water Life ~ A Jouney from London to Nairobi

A Journey from London to Nairobi

"All passengers for Coronet Flight 161, please," said an air hostess.

I picked up my camera and comics and walked out to the standing plane. With gathering speed the plane took off, and in a few minutes we were over the Weald. As we crossed the Channel we saw a steamer heading for Dover.

The plane had been over France for half an hour when a jet roared beneath us. I do not know what kind was.

An hour or so after this incident, we crossed the River Rhone, which was glittering in the morning sun.

In a few hours I caught sight of the Alps with Mont Blanc looming in the distance. We flew through a cloud and over a black looking mountain. The Alps faded away as we crossed the little Island of Elba, and Corsica was on the horizon. It was afternoon as we landed at Rome.

While in Rome we saw a turbo-prop, which made a high squealing noise as it took off.

We then flew over the Mediterranean Sea into the evening light. From up above the sunset looked wonderful.

Darkness fell and the lights were at half power for people to sleep. A red glow from the exhaust made but little light in the darkness. I fell into a fitful sleep but was woken at Cairo where we landed at 9.15 local time. The lights of Cairo glittered as we landed. We saw a film about Egypt progressing in the world while we drank our coffee.

After a four hour run, we flew low over the Nile into Khartoum. It was 3.15 a.m. on the airport clock as we entered the caf". We were again served coffee by Sudanese.

We flew on into the dawn and early morning, until Lake Victoria came in sight. We went over Lake Victoria, banked and swooped down to land at Entebbe. After a short wait, we took off on the last lap of our journey, on over Lake Victoria, over islands small and big, over the Rift Valley to Nairobi, where we landed at 2 o'clock local time,

JOHN Hazel 12 years

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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 26-27
Extract Date: 1957

Films ~ When the World was Young ~ In Haveley Wood


This year the school have been very fortunate for they have seen many films in the town. They have seen quite a good selection of films in the School too.

We have seen three films in the town, their names are "The Robe", "Rob Roy", and the "Living Desert". My favourite film was the Living Desert. It was a true life adventure about animals and their struggle for survival. My favourite film that I have seen at the School is "Winchester 73". It was a Wild West film all about a Winchester 73 and how it was said to be the best rifle in the West.

Other films that we have seen at School are "Belles on their toes", "Smoky" and "Treasure of the Golden Condor".

Melville Ueckermann 12 years

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