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Extract Author: Hartmut SCHAALE
Page Number: 2009 02 08
Extract Date: 1905

Gararagua Estate

while browsing your homepage I found several comments on the Gararagua farm and the various families which lived there.

I'm the grandson of the German founder of the farm back in around 1905. His name was Bruno Domke and he went to then German East Africa in 1902 as a young accountant and animal hunter for the famous Hamburg zoo Hagenbeck. Around 1905 he founded the farm, married in 1907 and had 5 children, 3 of them were born on the farm - my mother was born on a mission station near Moshi in 1914.

During WW1 the (German) 8th mounted rifles were stationed there. After heavy fighting, the farm had to be abandoned in 1915 to South African units under Gen. Deventer. My grandfather was taken prisoner by the British in 1917 and spent 2 years in a prison camp in Egypt. His family was repatriated to Germany by 1919.

Thus far my 'connection' to Gararagua! I know that my grandfather had some contact with Mr Barrat back in the 1950ies. As I'm writing a biography on my grandparents - who later emigrated to Venezuela and finally died in Portugal - I'm most interested in establishing contact to people who know anything about Gararagua and the times after WW1.

Maybe you could assist me with 'unearthing' such people in order to fill in the historical 'gap' after 1915!

Please accept my best compliments.

Hartmut Schaale

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