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Extract Author: Hartmut SCHAALE
Page Number: 2009 02 08
Extract Date: 1905

Gararagua Estate

while browsing your homepage I found several comments on the Gararagua farm and the various families which lived there.

I'm the grandson of the German founder of the farm back in around 1905. His name was Bruno Domke and he went to then German East Africa in 1902 as a young accountant and animal hunter for the famous Hamburg zoo Hagenbeck. Around 1905 he founded the farm, married in 1907 and had 5 children, 3 of them were born on the farm - my mother was born on a mission station near Moshi in 1914.

During WW1 the (German) 8th mounted rifles were stationed there. After heavy fighting, the farm had to be abandoned in 1915 to South African units under Gen. Deventer. My grandfather was taken prisoner by the British in 1917 and spent 2 years in a prison camp in Egypt. His family was repatriated to Germany by 1919.

Thus far my 'connection' to Gararagua! I know that my grandfather had some contact with Mr Barrat back in the 1950ies. As I'm writing a biography on my grandparents - who later emigrated to Venezuela and finally died in Portugal - I'm most interested in establishing contact to people who know anything about Gararagua and the times after WW1.

Maybe you could assist me with 'unearthing' such people in order to fill in the historical 'gap' after 1915!

Please accept my best compliments.

Hartmut Schaale

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Bob Walker
Page Number: 504i
Extract Date: 1947

Ulyate family movements: Oswald

Oswald, Thora Barratt and family moved to Gararagwa Estate Sanya Juu in 1947 having purchased the property from a Mrs. Tobler. . (The old lady had a house right next door to the Lion Cub Hotel.) The Barratt family lived on the farm until Nationalization in 1973)

Oswald was to pass away in the late sixties. Most of the children immigrated to Australia or UK. Oswald´┐Żs son and family moved to South Africa. . Peter was murder in East London RSA in the 1980,s

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Marion Langham
Page Number: 201
Extract Date: 24/06/2003

Ray Ulyate

Thank you so much for you email. It warms my heart to hear of people talking about Arusha, Moshi and of course Sanya Juu I wish I had been with you on your visit to Africa.

I will ramble a bit just writing what comes into my mind.

Ray Ulyate had six children four boys and two girls - My mother was Thora and Marjorie Borissow is the daughter of my mother's sister Vivian so we are cousins. I sent the URL of your Site to several of my cousins and may be that is how Marjorie found the Site. Ray's eldest son's (Jack) wife is still alive she lives in New Zealand and although she is either 90 or just off it she is very interesting and I am sure will be able to tell us why Ray built the hotel.

Did you see the clock just beside the hotel, it is in the "round about". Well Ray calculated that this was exactly half way between the Cape and Cairo and the center of East Africa (as it was then). I have in my possession writing paper from the New Arusha Hotel from the time when my parents owned it. I do know that my parents had to buy the hotel from Ray and found paying for it quite difficult. Dad went to the war and Mum had to run the hotel on her own. Why and how Ray built the Lion Cub Hotel in Moshi is a mystery. I think it was the nicer hotel of the two it had so much character. I remember the hotel totally every detail practically.

I have always wanted to collect information on the family and write a book, I think it is all so interesting. There is so much written about Kenya but there was a different side.

I will find out more for you but I sort of think that Ray built the hotel for one of his American White Hunting clients and when it was ready the person decided not to take it so Ray had to keep it.

I don't know about Kenyon but probably some relation and one of my uncles was called Kenyon I will be able to find out.

Out of curiosity, how did you get into al this?

For the moment.

Kind regards


PS Where do you live?

Dear Marion

Thanks so much for the "ramblings", and helping to piece things together. So many questions I could ask, but I'll wait to see what else you are able to uncover.

My friend from Arusha got back to say he knows Garagarua; it is basically below Kifufu (his father's farm) on the now non-existent Garagarua River. The farm is, sadly, basically extinct. He says that there is an old Greek farmer, Marios Gikas, who may remember back to the times when you where there - when did you leave?

As for me, I live in England, near Oxford. I gave up my "day job" three years ago so as to specialise in doing web site for safari companies. Really just an excuse to travel to Africa as often as I can. I was in Arusha this time primarily for a Tourism Trade Fair (and the cocktail party in the New Arusha!!), but I do about 8 web sites for people in and around Arusha (and more from other countries). Almost too many because it doesn't give me enough time to work on the nTZ web site.

You mention the Clock Tower - Another question I am trying to answer is to find out when the clock tower was built, and by whom. The note my mother wrote on a photo of the tower says "donated by a Greek", and others have suggested some possible names, but nothing definite. All part of the fun. Did you see the Coronation photos on the web site, which include a (slightly fuzzy) image of the tower with a huge crown on the top of it. The New Hotel uses the compass points as it's logo, and makes mention of the fact that this is because of it's position, but I couldn't see the sign which I remember from the 50's, or any more obvious use of the fact in the promotional stuff.

Thanks again, and I look forward to any more information and memories you may have.

Best wishes


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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Marion Langham
Page Number: 200
Extract Date: 22 June 2003

Ray Ulyate

I was delighted to find this site as Ray Ulyate was my Grandfather. My mother bought the New Arusha Hotel from my Grandfather and we lived there until 1947 when my parents sold the hotel and moved to a farm called Gararagua at Sanya Juu.

One of Ray's sons is still alive he lives in South Africa.

Kind regards


Lady Langham

nee Barratt

Dear Marion

Thank you so much for your comments about the web site. I hope you will continue to find things there that interest you, just as they do me.

I've just returned from a trip to Arusha, notable for several things.

One was a visit to the rebuilt New Arusha Hotel. Sadly now it looks much like any other hotel in the world, with it's open polished lobby, and function rooms. The outside, especially away from the street, is more interesting, and the gardens still have some charm. Do you remember it all?

I met a South African Lady who is a manager from the hotel chain which now own/run it, and she had little interest in it's history, although there were two small framed pictures in the lobby (both of which are on my web site).

But I did meet others who were interested in the history of the New Arusha Hotel, and we had fun trying to work out when it may have been built - and by whom. Just about everything I know is on the web site, so I wont repeat it.

Also in Arusha I stayed with someone whose father is at Kifafu Farm, also in Sanya Juu. I don't know how long he's been there, but have emailed to find out more.

I wonder if you have more information about the origins of the Hotel, and how and when your grandfather came to run it.

I'd be grateful for any information you are able to find for me. Obviously I'd like to put as much as possible on the web, but if there is anything you would prefer was not published, do let me know and I'll respect the request.

One of our mysteries is to understand more about a man called Kenyon Painter. One source implies that he "built" the hotel - he certainly invested a lot in the area. On this trip I discovered a stained glass window to his memory in the Anglican Church. Does the name mean anything to you?

And lastly, a few days before your email I heard from a Marjorie Borissow (now in Australia) who was at Arusha School from 1959 - 1965. She says that "My grandparents and family used to own the New Arusha Hotel, and the Lion Cub Hotel in Moshi." Are you all part of the same large family?

Thanks again for your feedback, and I look forward to any more information that you can offer.

With best wishes


David Marsh for information about Northern Tanzania

Harwell, England

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