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Extract Author: Mary-Lynne Stadler
Page Number: 2008 11 24
Extract Date: 24-Nov-2008

susan wynn jones, ferdinand reder, father joseph

A friend of mine told me that she had found reference to me here through googling my name. I can only think that it is my sister and I that is being referred to here.

My mother was Elizabeth Reder (later Stadler then Forbes). We lived in Tanga where she had a shop. One maternal uncle was Paul Reder and lived in Moshi,the other of my mother's brothers ended up living in New Jersey in the U.S. where he had an outboard motor business, but I believe he had been in the motor business in Africa before going to the U.S.

My grandfather was Ferdinand Reder and my grandmother was Ella. I am not sure when they first moved to Tanganyika, but it was early in 20th century. His brother fought against the British in the First World War, when Tanganyika was still German East Africa. He lived to a ripe old age, in Tanga. My grandmother is buried somewhere in the Usambara Hills.

My sister's name used to be Barbara - she has changed it to Sharina. She now lives in Hawaii.

I am, however, confused as I thought I had knowledge of all my cousins. William had three daughters, one of whom died young of leukaemia. I am in loose contact with his daughter Linda. I don't know where the third one is and I don't know about their children. Paul had a daughter, Pauline and a son, William. I think they are both still living in the U.K.I still use my maiden name and live in Cyprus.

I would be interested in making contact with Susan as it sounds as though we must be related. Her letters would be interesting and I may have some letters, notes etc to help her research. My father's name was Alois Stadler.

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