Pamela Chapman

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1982 Publishes: Read, David and Chapman, Pamela Waters of the Sanjan

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Louis van Rooyen
Page Number: 2007 05 03
Extract Date: 13-May-2007

trip back to Tanzania

Hi Lolly, [Elizabeth Van Staden (Ulyate)]

My wife, Linda (nee Newby) and I are taking a trip back to Tanzania in December of 2007 and were browsing Arusha sites to jog our memories, when we found you on David's site!

I remember receiving a star on a Monday (or was it Fridays?) during assembly for 'saving' you from drowning - when you slipped out of your tube going down the slide in the swimming pool!!! Spoke to Bob and Phyllis briefly the other day - we are now living in SA after my parents emigrated to Rhodesia in '71.

Yes, Rosie and Tony are still in Harare, confirmed by Pamela and Gordon Chapman, who spent a week with us in November last year (now in UK)

Brother, Jan (aka: 'Boeta') and his wife Michelle and my mother will be joining us on our nostalgic tour, starting at Annabel (ex Fowler) in Tanga.

Take care


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