Tanzania: National Anthem

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Campbell, Alexander Empire in Africa
Extract Date: 1944

oh my DARling Clementine

The national anthem is sung to the tune of 'Clementine' - Tanganyika, Tanganyika, oh my DARling Clementine. The country is three times the size of the United Kingdom. Largest and most populous of all the British East African territories, it has 5,000,000 Africans, 23,500 Indians and 9,000 Europeans.

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Amin, Mohamed and Willetts, Duncan Spectrum Guide to Tanzania
Extract Date: 1961

National Anthem

Mungu ibariki Africa
Wabariki viongozi wake
Hekima, umoja, na amani
Hizi ni ngao zetu
Afrika na watu wake

Ibariki Afrika
Ibariki Afrika
Tubariki watoto wa Afrika

Mungu ibariki Tanzania
Dumisha uhuru na umoja
Wake kwa waume ma watoto
Mungu ibariki
Tanzania na watu wake

Ibariki Tanzania
Ibariki Tanzania
Tubariki watoto wa Tanzania
God bless Africa
Bless its leaders
Let wisdom, unity
and peace be the shield of
Africa, and its people.

Bless Africa
Bless Africa
Bless the children of Africa

God bless Tanzania
Grant eternal freedom and unity
to its sons and daughters
God bless
Tanzania and its people

Bless Tanzania
Bless Tanzania
Bless the children of Tanzania

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Carlin, John Lord bless Africa

Nkosi Sikelel�i Afrika

Nkosi Sikelel�i Afrika

Lord, bless Africa

May her horn rise up;

Hear thou our prayers

And bless us

Descend, O Spirit

Descend, O Holy Spirit

Bless our chiefs;

May they remember their Creator,

Fear Him and revere Him,

That he may bless them

.... more suprisingly, Nkosi Sikelel�i Afrika is also the National anthem of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and Namibia, each of which sing translated versions.

.... When South Africa play Zambia at football on Tuesday, the anthem will, presumably, need to be played only once.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: David Arundel
Page Number: 2007 05 09
Extract Date: 09-May-2007

just some feed back on Nkosi Sikelel'I Afrika is mainly true I have to mention that it's not the national anthem of Namibia, even though the song is the national anthem of many southern african states. The national anthem of Namibia is 'Namibia, Land of the Brave' and you can hear it on (see link) but be warned it's a real wankey anthem even by African standards.

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Map and Guide to Tanzania
Page Number: 13d

Tanzania's national anthem

Tanzania's national anthem was inspired by the lyrics of a 19th century ruga-ruga war song.

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