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Extract Author: Aileen Mallya
Page Number: 2004 05 26
Extract Date: 1990's

Aileen Mallya - Arusha School 1990's?


well i guess i fall in a younger generation of Arusha School Alumni, but all in all.. comning across this site really made my day. It's lovely to read all the beautiful memories people have of Arusha school.

Well, just to let those who were there in the 70s and 80s, some teachers are still there today, the likes of Ms Ngowi, Ms Walala, Mr Kaale and they are still going strong...

Our darling Tortoise is still going strong too...

As for Allen Moore, the old colonial house you lived in is still there...i live in the same area...

i hope you will soon be able to establish an official alumni site.

keep up the good work!

All the best.


Aileen Mallya

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Arusha Times
Extract Author: Fiona Musana
Page Number: 225
Extract Date: June 22, 2002

Fiona Musana - Arusha School 1977-1983

Dear Editor,

Arusha school made our childhood worth it

Having been away from Arusha for sometime, I do often think of the school I attended in the 70's! Arusha school - as I wrote in an article in your paper two years ago - will always remain a special place in my heart.

I recall the Mrs. Walala's, Mr. N. Dalal, Mr. Y. Dalal, Mr. Lyimo, Miss Masinde, Miss Heddles, Miss Smith, Mr. Mkombo, Miss. Ngowi, Mrs. Omari, Mr. Kaale, Miss. Kimathi, Mrs. Ngaliyanguo, my late mother, Mrs. Musana...the list is endless. I must admit that each and everyone of the teachers in Arusha School (as we knew it then) made our lives what they are today.

I would like to propose that an alumni be helps to maintain touch with the past because it really helps the future. How about if we start thinking about that? How about Arusha School authorities, do you have any objection to this?

Once again, I would like to say thanks to the teachers and support staff who were in Arusha School in the 70's and 80' made our childhood worth it!

Thank you!

Fiona Musana ( Arusha School, 1977 - 1983)

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