Mewa Singh Mangat

widely known as Mangaty

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Extract Author: Gurrjeet Mangat
Page Number: 2007 03 20
Extract Date: 1960's

The bus company

hi, I came across your correspondence regarding the ulyates on the net and it brought back fond memories of my times in Sanya Juu/Moshi/Arusha, well basically East Africa.

My father apperantely used to run the bus co. from Moshi to Olmolog via Sanya Juu and Ngare Nairobi (his name was Mewa Singh Mangat but was widely known as MANGATY) and was well acquainted with all the farmers of the area right up to Loitokitok on the Kenya border.

I still remember as a child we were fans of Robin Ulayte and Dr.Micheal Woods (the flying doctor) who used to partake in the E.A. Safari Rally and we used to go and watch them at Dutch Corner.

I was wondering out of curiosity of your correspondence with the Ulaytes if you would know if any of the Ulyates or Dr.Wood are still farming in Sanya Juu.

The focal point of the farmers life was the Farm and Duka post office run by an Englishman called Mr.Brown at Ngare Nairobi and we had a contract to deliver and collect mail for the Browns.

P.S I hope I sincereley havent inconvininced yourself by getting in touch with yourself.

Thanking you and regards.

gs Mangat.

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